Security Fencing Supply

Direct Trades Supply offers the best line of security fencing across Perth and the South West. With our extensive selection of gates, chain wires, and shedloads of fencing options, we can help equip your farm, mining site, or commercial property with the right security barriers.

Maximum Protection

Stray animals or trespassers may enter your site at any time if you lack security. At Direct Trades Supply, we provide everything you need for the maximum protection of your property. With our fences, you can easily set boundary limits to deter any unauthorised access to your property.

Containment of Livestock and Crops

Direct Trades Supply offers a range of security fences that comply with livestock and produce containment standards. We have steel and aluminium posts that are safe to install around stables or livestock stalls.

Durability at Its Best

If there's one thing we take pride in our products, it's their unmatched durability. Our products are made to withstand Australia's extreme conditions, offering long-term value and cost effectiveness for any type of fence installation. We source our products from trusted manufactures to ensure their quality.

When it comes to high-grade security fencing, Direct Trades Supply will never let you down. View our selection to know more about our available fences and gates.

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