Drop In Anchor M8 x 30mm Zinc

The Steel Drop-In is an internally threaded expansion anchor complete with a pre-assembled integral expander plug. The anchor is expanded with a matching setting tool designed to protect internal threads while driving the pre-fitted plug to the end of the anchor. The tapered plug is precisely matched to the internal configuration of the anchor body to develop maximum expansion against the walls of the hole. Each steel anchor body has 4 slots on the leading end which allows it to expand. During installation, as the plug is driven into the bottom of the anchor, the steel shell is forced outward in four directions compressing against the walls of the anchor hole. The Lipped Drop-In Anchor features a flared end at the top of the anchor body that allows the anchor to be set flush with the concrete surface. This design allows for easier installation into solid base materials without needing to drill the precise anchor depth. The Lipped Drop-In Anchor can also be used in selected hollow base materials


Part No:D8M