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Expect only the best prices when you buy from one stop trades equipment shops via the net. Equipment, tools, hardware and trade supplies can all be bought whether for farmers, civil engineers or mining firms. Choose from the following categories:
  • Construction and industrial
  • Fencing and irrigation
  • Office and hardware
  • Clothing
  • Power tools
Farmers can order rural fencing supplies, electric fencing supplies, farm gates and horse fencing supplies to keep farms safe as well as secure. Plumbers will find many plumbing products available while safety products are perfect for factories and warehouses.

Everything Under One Roof

Whether it’s construction products or industrial products you’re after, you can be sure of finding everything under one roof. Find out about special offers, discount deals and money off products too to make great savings. The following can be delivered to your premises without any hassle:
  • Pine logs
  • Air compressors
  • Generators
  • Hand tools
  • Poly pipes
Items like nail guns, shovels, cement mixers and stock weighing systems are often needed during construction work so check out more info before buying.

Safety is Paramount

As an employer you have many responsibilities especially in the area of safety. To this end always make sure to provide workers with safety work wear and all the relevant safety equipment. There are many products to buy which range from:
  • First aid boxes
  • Site safety signage
  • Cable protection
  • Vehicle and parking barriers
Whether it’s outdoor, irrigation or plumbing products you’re after, always invest in the best.

Look After Your Premises or Farm & Stay Secure

Take chain mesh fences for instance. This affordable type of fencing will protect your premises no matter if it’s an office, warehouse, factory or farm. The fencing can be installed easily and will certainly stand the test of time. Chain mesh is ideal for keeping pets, children and live stock inside your property plus it provides lots of visibility to the other side. It’s low maintenance too as the metallic mesh has been through a chemical process to stop it from rusting.

Along with fencing take a look at:
  • Fence post drivers and removers
  • Rural hand and power tools
  • Rural accessories and fasteners
There’s plenty of useful information about the above, farm gates and all manner of tools, so do a little research before buying.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If you’re having difficulty finding a specific product, don’t worry. Our one stop trades equipment shop can source almost anything. From broom handles, hand towels, lawn rakes to janitorial equipment, nothing is too much trouble, we have it all.

It’s reassuring to know that you won’t have to look far to buy products you need to run a business successfully. To get a good idea of how much you will have to pay for high quality tools, fencing, hardware and building products, ask for a quote. You’re sure to be pleased with the prices!

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