Building a Better Chicken Coop to Safeguard Your Flock

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Safeguarding your flock means building them a better home that not only provides them with comfort and warmth, but safety, as well. Direct Trades Supply weighs in on what it takes to build a better and safer coop for your chickens.

Follow through with these steps and you will find yourself with a better coop for the poultry you raise.

The More Room, the Better

Giving your chickens more room is the first step to building them a better home. For starters, a 4x8 foot screened-in run and a 4x4 foot coop are ideal for only up to three hens. You can find ready-made chicken housing or you can make your own using some of our rural fencing materials.

Avoid crowding your chickens in such a little space, as this not only affects their temperament, but also their capability to lay eggs.

A Safe Outdoor Space

Should you find it more practical to only build a small space for all your hens, be more generous at least with their outdoor space. A simple run screened-in with sturdy hardware cloth or ring-lock fencing is already a sufficient design.

The chickens get to roam and play outside all day while you rest easy knowing they won’t wreak havoc on your garden. They are also safe from possible snatching by the pesky neighborhood cat and other outsiders.

Food, Water and Shade

Make sure the coop is always supplied with fresh food and water. Cleaning it regularly also adds to the value of the coop as the flock’s home. Keeping the structure under shade increases the set-up’s convenience value even further.

More than supplying the flock with all their necessities, complete the shelter’s significance by using sturdy rural fencing material with the coop and the fence to ensure their safety.

Direct Trades Supply provides clients with a comprehensive line of rural fencing. From steel posts to pine logs, chicken wires to chain mesh, ring lock fencing to security fencing, we have it all. Contact us today for products that are truly worth your money.

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