Better Farm Management: The Secret to Maintaining Farm Gates

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Australian farmers face new opportunities and tough challenges every day – from keeping livestock healthy to managing an increasing demand and monitoring the supply. Some farms are knowledgeable in running their business, while others find it difficult to keep up.

Most farm owners are always alert and constantly plan ahead, expecting that a disaster may happen next month or next year. Perhaps they do the necessary repairs, stack away the hay and grow crops that they can use for alternative feed. Industry professionals believe that Australian farms are too important to fail. But there is one thing many farmers tend to forget: the security of their property.

Have you recently taken a good look around your farm? If not, figure out if the area has safety and health issues related to agricultural structures, like rural fencing. Keeping the gates in good condition is necessary as it is a vital part of having a lucrative farm.

No matter of how big or small your farm is, here’s how you can maintain the fence and gate well:

Tighten Wires

It’s important to keep in mind that your farm is not only for mid-sized and large animals, such as horses, pigs, cows, sheep, and dairy goats. If there’s a small opening, a chicken or a piglet can escape. This is the reason it’s best that you know how to tighten wires with a hammer. If this sounds not enough, install a new gate with little to no gaps.

Fix a Sagging Gate

Sturdy, timeless appeal and easy to maintain, farm gates are a classic approach to securing farms. But they are also vulnerable to damage if left neglected. Before things get worse, make an effort to repair a sagging gate. Use quality, strong wires to secure each end to help gates stay solidly in place.

Protect your farm, maintain its look and keep your business profitable. Here at Direct Trades Supply, part of our commitment is to help farmers achieve their desired results and meet their daily challenges. We can provide you with an extensive selection of farm gates and fences to achieve better farm management. Get in touch with us today, so we can discuss your options in confining and protecting your produce and livestock.

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