The Tedious Maintenance of Wood Fences

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Fences are put up primarily for practical purposes: to keep a definitive border, to guard a property and to keep stray animals out. What should not be ignored, however, is that this function should not disregard aesthetics. Wood fences are on the rise today because they lend properties a distinct visual quality absent in chain mesh or barbed wire.

While wood fences may look more striking than the usual option of rural fencing, it can be demanding and difficult to maintain.


Selectively speaking, certain species of wood are susceptible to rot. Because the wood goes under and into the soil (an environment that’s more moist than dry), it has to be pressure-treated to protect it from underground moisture and insects. Pressure-treated posts are chemically treated to resist bugs and water damage. This procedure costs about $10 per post, on average.

Water-Repellent Preservatives

Picket fences, on the other hand, can be used without being pressure-treated because they do not have to go underground. All types of wood fence need wood preservative, though. Due to its natural qualities, wood—as it ages—will split, warp and dry up. To keep the wood in its best shape, you have to apply wood preservativesregularly. Water-repellent preservatives mostly cost not more than $20.

Exterior Stains

If your wood fence has been pressure-treated, wood preservative should not be necessary. Except for exterior stains, which are also sealants, which can lend the wood a fresher or a more weathered look, depending on your aesthetic leanings. Exterior stains are also a good option for homeowners who wish to match their wood fence with the exterior of their homes. Stains range from $15 - $20 per gallon.

There are homeowners who enjoy all these processes and take joy in these activities, but some are only for rural fences that do their jobs and require the least amount of tending. For rural fencing that are versatile, durable, and best of all, easy to maintain, try Direct Trades Supply’s line of chain mesh fences, aluminium fences and wire fences. Contact us today for more information.

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