Fencing For Every Kind of Situation

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The reason we have such a wide variety of fencing options available is that we want to accommodate as many farms that may need our services as possible. What do we mean by that? If you’ve been in the farming business long enough, it’ll be apparent that different farms don’t do the same things, and have varied fencing needs.

Some farms only need fences as boundary markers, while others need more substantial protection. One of the classic examples is when a farm needs to choose a fence type when herding animals, while keeping children safe. It’s a strange conundrum to be sure, and it’s a struggle that farms with growing families aren’t prepared to face more often than not.

Hard or Soft Fencing

Small children need to be under constant observation to keep them from doing silly things. But that’s just not possible sometimes, which forces people to resort to the next best course of action. If children can’t be kept from the dangerous things, keep the dangerous things away from the children.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to keep kids away from something; the problem comes from when the farm has a lot of animals.

Fences require more than strength if they’re meant to stand up against the herds of animals; sometimes they need deterrents, such as sharp points that can easily injure a child. The choice of fencing then becomes a Catch-22, wherein a weaker, safer fence runs the risk of letting the animals get out. A stronger fence with added points, on the other hand, threatens the safety of children on the farm.

Dividing the Farm

Luckily, the answer lies in the layout of the farm itself. Farmers can minimise the risks on both sides of the problem by establishing which parts of the property get more animal or child traffic. The areas most likely to come in close proximity with animals can get the sturdiest of the fencing options. Likewise, the more human-prone areas can dial back on the sharp points just enough to make it child friendly.

Fencing solutions aren’t always as simple as this one, but every problem has a solution if the right people are working on it. We’re just the people who can help you solve any fencing obstacles you might encounter, but we can only do that if you contact us today. We’ll work closely with you to get the right kind of fencing your property needs.

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