Better Farm Management: How Electric Fencing Improves Safety and Security

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Managing a farm is never easy. You literally have to get your hands dirty and wear appropriate work gear both for safety and sanitary purposes. More importantly, keeping your farm animals safe and secure should be top priority.

Why Install an Electric Fence

Stray dogs, wolves, and other predators are always looking for prey. Installing fences keep dangerous animals away and keeps your farm animals within your lot. There are different kinds of fencing, such as electrical, chain mesh, and cyclone fences. These have specific uses and their own set of advantages.

Electric Fencing is the fence of choice for many farmers, as it has plenty of benefits. It is easy to build in any kind of terrain and saves you money with its low-cost price and low maintenance. Electric fences are durable and has a longer useful life compared to a traditional one.

This kind of fence is also difficult to spot until an intruder feels the shock coming from it. The electric jolt created by electric fencing causes no physical damage to pelts and hides of animals that come in contact with it. If a dog or predator forces your animal through the fence, it will not get severely injured compared to running through barbed wire.

Direct Trades Supply Has What You Need

We have the equipment and fencing you need to manage your farm properly. We offer different kinds of fences to make sure your animals do not stray too far away from their barn or out of your property. The fences also keep predators and even burglars out.

Our electric fences have the features you need for commercial purposes, residential, or farming. We have a wide range of fencing that meets your needs. We provide both portable and permanent systems for farmers or homeowners who want to install a fence around their property. We offer solar, battery, and mains-powered fences.

Our electronic cattle prodders will make sure your livestock is safe and secure, while our remote controlled fence energisers are easy to use, making it easier to manage your farm.

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