Essential Power Tools Every Homesteader Should Have

Posted by: Carlo Rosales on 15 Jan 2016 | 0 comments

People decide to go homesteading to live a simpler life in an off-grid location, away from the consumer rat race. But some would jump into it, believing that they can manually build anything from scratch. 

Without careful planning and the appropriate tools, you will end up regretting your decision and crawling back to the comforts of city life. Homesteading is not easy, and anything can go wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if you have embraced your new life in some off-grid location, you don’t have to live without these tools.

Power Cutter or Sawmill

You are going to need a lot of wood throughout your homesteading life, be it as a construction material or fuel. A power cutter or saw mill will allow you to cut lots of wood in a short span of time, unless you really want to go traditional all the way and use an axe. Though, an axe may still come in handy at times. Power cutter technology will allow you to cut and slice precise and manageable pieces for construction. If you plan to raise livestock, you will need this tool to install secure rural fencing.

Nail Gun

Whether your lot had been already a homestead before or had no previous developments, you will still have a lot of fixing and building to do. Most homesteaders would choose to build a cottage with their own hands with materials retrieved and bought within the locale. This is the beauty of homesteading, building things on your own. To build a nice, cosy and structurally-sound homestead cabin, however, you will need a nail gun. A nail gun is any homesteader’s best friend. It removes the hassle of having to hammer nails into the wood.

Wireless Drill

A wireless drill is also an essential power tool to fulfil a diverse range of functions. Its main functions are to bore holes and fasten materials together with the use of fasteners. A cordless drill is more suitable for farming operations, to remove the need for electricity. It can perform numerous applications on different materials, such as wood and concrete.

Grass Cutter and Air Blower

When you move in to your homestead, the majority of the lot may be overgrown with wild grass. You will need a grass cutter to clear out the land for gardening and livestock use. To quickly clean the trimmings, you will need an air blower. An air blower will also be of use during autumn when fallen leaves become unmanageable.

Time is a valuable commodity in homesteading, since you are racing with the seasons as well. Luckily, we now have power tools, such as the ones we have in our expansive catalogue, to help us in our daily operations. At Direct Trades Supply, we’ve got shedloads of essential power tools you will need to successfully run a sustainable homestead. Contact us today for more information.

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