Power Tools & Their Uses

Posted by: Carlo Rosales on 18 Feb 2017 | 0 comments

Power tools are essential for many industries, especially construction, and let us not forget the millions of homeowners that do odd jobs around the house, and most of the power tools they require are hired. If you are unfamiliar with the ranges and scope of modern power tools, here is a brief overview of some of the more commonly used.

Electric Drill

These come in a range of sizes that accommodate a wide range of diameter drill bits, which can bore through wood and metal, and with hammer drills, one can easily make holes in brick and cement. Hammer drills work by a ratchet system that forces the drill bit up and down, thus creating a hammer motion and it is far more effective when drilling masonry.

Electric Screwdrivers

Up until a few years ago, the best screwdriver was a manually operated pump action screwdriver, which eliminated the need to turn the tool. Then along came the electric screwdriver, and with cordless battery operated devices, it takes the work out of fixing screws, and saves a lot of time.

Grinders & Cutters

Using detachable abrasive discs, the grinder will cut through steel and other metals with ease, and they are used for a range of purposes, including surface preparation and with soft wheels, these grinders can be used to buff metal surfaces. Cutters can effectively deal with even the hardest of materials, and diamond cutters are used in heavy industry. 

Belt Sanders

Ideal for all types of woodwork, the machine has an oval shaped belt of abrasive material that revolves at high speed, and with a range of abrasives ranging from coarse to very fine, it is a cost effective way to remove paint and clean surfaces in preparation for a protective coating.

Power Saws

Chainsaws are commonly used for tree work and come in a range of sixes, with the smallest being easy to handle when working above ground level. The sawing action is achieved with a chain that has alternate teeth, and by rotating this at high speed, it will cut through most timber. Chainsaws cannot be used on metal or plastic and can be very dangerous if you were to hit a nail of bolt that is concealed within the timber.

Compressed Air Tools

Some tools are not powered by electricity, and compressed air tools can be used for heavy duty work, such as breaking up rock or concrete, and nail guns typically use compressed air to force the nails into the surface.

Tool Supply

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