Rabbit Netting for Building Hutches and Runs

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Different types of animals require different types of fencing. Rabbits are no exception, as these small animals are quick on their feet and are excellent diggers. Choosing the right fencing for your rabbit enclosure keeps them from escaping, while also securing them from would-be predators.

Choosing Quality Rabbit Netting

Rabbit netting is ideal for building hutches and runs. Our rural fencing range includes galvanised rabbit netting in various lengths. The size of the wire is ideal for corralling the rabbits, but is also small enough to prevent predators such as feral cats and foxes from entering the enclosure.

Galvanised steel will not rust and is resistant to changes in the weather. The material is also strong enough to prevent your rabbit from chewing through the fencing.

Our rabbit netting is firmly twisted into a flexible mesh that forms a distinct hexagonal pattern. It has no sharp edges that could possibly injure the animal. It also prevents the rabbit from being caught in the material.

Some people like to use aviary mesh for rabbit enclosures, but the material is too light. Rabbits are heavier than most kinds of birds. As such, a rabbit is perfectly capable of escaping from an aviary fence. Hutches and runs need sturdier netting to keep rabbits in.

Building Hutches and Runs

Whether you are keeping rabbits for companionship or raising them for consumption, the animals require a proper enclosure for accommodation and exercise. This means building hutches and runs.

A rabbit hutch is your rabbit’s main living quarters. It includes a litter box, a place to hide and enough shade to protect them from the weather. Hutches can come in a number of sizes, but the minimum recommended size for a single rabbit is a floor space of at least 180 by 60 cm.

Runs, on the other hand, are your rabbit’s exercise space. It should be wide enough to let your rabbit run around, and tall enough for them to be able to stand on their hind legs. Runs should have a floor space of 240 x 120 cm for one animal. Ideally, the run attaches to your hutch, but simply transferring the animal between the two enclosures is acceptable. Your rabbit netting should secure all sides of your enclosures.

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