Questions to Help You Pick the Right Fence

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Choosing a front-yard fence should be a calculated decision, whether it’s for your farm or simply for your front yard. Your front yard changes the landscaping and affects your home in many ways.

With the hundreds of fencing options out there, we understand how complicated it can get sometimes when choosing the right fence for your front yard. As your premier source of fencing materials, we want to narrow down your choices with these questions.

What Design Are You Going For?

When you’re going for property line or need your fence to keep children in and animals out, your best choice may be a lower fence than is more functional, while still connecting visually with existing aesthetics.

If you’re simply looking for privacy or want your fence to serve as a screen from the street outside, you’re going to need a higher fence of about six feet. A privacy fence will have a less direct visual connection with the house, however.

What is Your House’s Style?

After narrowing down the role your fence is going to play in your house’s look, you have to evaluate your existing architecture. Look at its style, palette of colours and survey the surrounding area. For fencing, you usually want to stay within a home’s theme, but there are other options just as well.

You can also consider contrasting your fence with your house’s overall style. It could be a kind dialogue between two concepts, contrasting, while making a statement with both the house and fence design. It would also be smart to think about the gate, lighting, and accents you can add in later.

As with front-yard fences, the same questions apply to your farms or commercial sites. Although your fencing then will be completely utilitarian, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure it looks attractive, still. Whether it’s electric fencing, aluminium or plain wire fencing, it would be nice if they looked good as well.

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