Exploring Non-Traditional Trends in Privacy Fencing

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Fences are built for several reasons: it could be to reinforce property, to continue design aesthetics, to help vegetation or to increase privacy. Privacy fencing is usually based on a utilitarian fence design, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Like everything else in fence design, privacy fencing is constantly changing. In fact, today’s consumers have better and newer options to consider. While wood and aluminium fencing are not likely to go out of style anytime soon, here are innovations in privacy fence design you might want to think about:


Hedges or living fences are excellent for privacy fencing. You can choose a simple line of bamboo, a boxwood living fence or unique evergreen varieties that stay green even in the winter to serve as a privacy fence depending on your mood and your house’s style.

Those with gardening experience can try their hands at layered privacy plantings using larger shrubs in the background and more textured and colourful specimens in front. Not only does this provide excellent coverage, it also lends visual interest.


A booming trend in privacy fencing is the addition of quirky designs, cut-outs and other interesting details. Some include a strip of trellis along the top or build planters in intervals along the fence. Climbing plants can also compromise your desire for a living fence and your inclination with wood or aluminium.

While some may find these new trends a bit too forward for their traditional taste, you can still consider customary materials for your private fences. Aluminium fencing, for example, is one of the top choices of homeowners and property owners as it is simple, clean and resistant to rust, corrosion and damage.

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